Types and Criteria of Certifications

● Organic aquatic products

Organic aquatic products refer to aquaculture products produced in compliance with certification standards for the purpose of consumption.

Aquatic products that can be certified include seaweed, seaweed, kelp, mussels, and oysters.

Foods manufactured and processed with organic aquatic products are 'organic processed foods'

● Antibiotic-free aquatic products

Antibiotic-free aquatic products refer to seafood that has been cultured without the use of antibiotics or hormones.

aquatic products that can be certified include halibut, eel, and shrimp; but unlike organic aquatic products, seaweed is not included.

● Aquatic products without active treatment agent

It is a certification mark given to aquaculture products that do not use chemical substances such as organic acids or activating agents.

Since the active treatment agent is mainly used in aquaculture of seaweed, the active treatment free seafood mark can be certified for the seaweed.

What are Eco-friendly aquatic products Certification?

Eco-friendly aquatic products refer to aquatic products produced through eco-friendly fishing without the use of synthetic substances harmful to the human body or processed foods made with these raw materials.

Eco-friendly aquatic products industry are to promote biodiversity and to preserve the healthy fishery ecosystem, do not use chemical materials such as antibiotics and antibacterial agents, or It is an industry that produces seafood in a healthy environment that minimizes its use.

Domestic eco-friendly seafood certification system includes 'organic aquatic products', 'antibiotic-free aquatic products', and 'aquatic products without active treatment agents'.

Eco-friendly aquatic products Certification Logo 

Organic aquatic products

Antibiotic-free aquatic products

Aquatic products without 

active treatment agent

Certification Process

The certification process is independent and transparent.