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The Association for Korean Agri Food Sixth Industry (KASI) 

 What is Agri Food Sixth Industry?


1) Definition

  • Agri Food Sixth Industry is a national policy project enacted by the Act on Support for Rural Convergence Industry.

2) Function

  • Farmers create better added value through the secondary and tertiary industries along with the sale of agricultural products. 
  • Consumers can enjoy reliable food made by our farmers and tourism resources in rural areas. 
  • Rural areas promote new vitality through job creation and economic revitalization.

The Association for Korean Agri Food Sixth Industry

1) History

  • Authorized as a corporation (a government-approved private organization by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in April 2015
  • Contributed to revitalization of rural areas and agriculture by cooperating with the government for about 8 years, starting with voluntary organizations in 2014
  • Establish a national network that cooperates with the government, local governments, organizations, and public institutions

2) Key Activities

  • Participating in the 6th industry revitalization project carried out by the government
  • Contributing to the activation of MOUs with local governments such as Mungyeong-si, Iksan-si, and Wando-gun
  • Contributing to sales and promotion of agricultural products nationwide such as the NonHyup (National Agricultural Cooperative Federation) and Its unit cooperatives
  • Participating in the sales, distribution, and marketing of 6th industry certified companies and certified products and discover excellent products
  • Cooperating with local governments and organizations to conduct local events, seminars, and public interest activities
  • Operating the 6th industry certified product hall in Yangjae Nonghyup Hanaro Club , Nonghyup Distribution

 MOU with KASI