What is vegan certification?

Vegans" refers to ones who avoid animal products and eat only plant-based foods.

'Vegan certification' is a certification that is given as a standard for not using or using animal-derived raw materials, managing to prevent cross-contamination, and not conducting animal testing on products.

Until now, human existence has had a tremendous impact on the global environment.

Human eating habits that pursue excessive meat consumption have put a great burden on the earth.

The global environment and many animals are losing their natural appearance due to mankind.

Through Vegan DCOK certification, consumer confidence in health as well as environment and animal protection shall increase, and it is expected that the vegan sector, which participates in ESG practice, will be activated by supporting the stable economic activities of producers.

 Types of Vegan Certification





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Certification Process

The certification process is independent and transparent.

1. Application submission (applicant)

- Download (link) and fill out the application form

- Upload to the authentication information system (link)

- Deposit the application fee (deposit account)

2. Certification procedure information (WECERT)

- Provide the authentication business ID and password to be used in the authentication information system

- Guide to using the authentication information system

- Information on required documents

- Information on certification fees 

  (Inspection management fees, etc.)

3. Registration of required information for certification and fee payment (applicant)

- Registration of information required for authentication according to the authentication information system and upload submitting documents

- Payment of certification fee

4. Certification Inspection (WECERT)

- Review of information and documents provided

※ Request for supplementary materials if necessary

5. Sample analysis (analysis institute)

- If necessary, perform animal genetic testing

6. Certification Audit (WECERT)

- Determining the suitability by auditor or audit committee

7. Certificate Issuance (WECERT)

-Certificate issuance

- Informing Vegan WECERT Logo and indication