What are IFOAM Certification?

IFOAM is an acronym for International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.

It is an international organic farming movement private organization founded on 5 November 1972 in Versailles, France to lead, integrate and support the organic farming movement.

Headquarters is located in Bonn, Germany. It is the world's largest and the most active organization among organic farming-related organizations, with over 750 members (organic agricultural organizations) in 116 countries around the world.

It aims to apply the agricultural system based on organic farming to the world ecologically, sociologically and economically based on the principles of organic farming. The medium-term goals are to communicate and support, advocate and promote the adoption of organic farming, and promote the development of the organic farming market.

In order to live a healthy and harmonious life with mutual respect for humans and nature, producers and consumers, and the various cultures, races and traditions of the earth, we present the four organic principles of 'health, ecology, fairness, and consideration'.

Based on these principles, we are preparing international certification standards related to organic farming and designating certification bodies.

DCOK obtained ISO 17065 (a requirement for IFOAM and product accreditation body) from IOAS, an IFOAM accreditation body in 2006, and is operating an international organic certification system based on the ISO 17065 system.

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Certification Process

The certification process is independent and transparent.